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    EE is the UK’s second largest network with over 23 million customers and its own extensive mobile network. Here’s more about what services and products EE offer, its network strength and history. 

    About EE

    EE was born when two existing mobile networks, T-Mobile and Orange UK merged in 2010, with their existing stores being rebranded to EE in 2012.

    EE is now owned by BT with parent companies BT Consumer and BT Group as of 2016. 

    EE is the second largest UK mobile network, with over 23 million customers as of 2019, it’s also a mobile network operator for several other UK Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) brands including BT Mobile and PlusNet Mobile.

    The current CEO is Marc Allera.

    Types of EE contracts and products

    EE has a large selection of contracts, here are some of the main ones:

    EE Sim Only Pay monthly deals

    All EE Sim only pay monthly deals last for 24 months and come with unlimited minutes and texts – the main difference is the amount of data you get and the extra Smart Benefits on offer. 

    You can use Smart Benefits claim either:

    • Apple Music Subscription 
    • BT Sports Subscription 
    • Video Data Pass 
    • Roam Abroad Features 

    EE Pay Monthly Data Wi-Fi Sims 

    EE also offers a SIM that allows the user to connect to Wi-Fi wherever they are. 

    There is the option to pay for a month contract for this SIM or a 24 month contract. Some bundles offer smart benefits that can be used to claim:

    • Netflix subscription 
    • Video Data Pass
    • BT Sports Ultimate 
    • Roam Abroad Features

    EE Pay Monthly Phones 

    You can get a pay monthly phone contract for any of the major handset brands through EE, including: 

    • Apple
    • Samsung
    • Google
    • Oppo
    • Sony
    • Microsoft
    • Huawei

    How much do EE pay monthly phone contracts cost?

    The cost of a pay monthly contract always depends on the handset you choose as well as the contract options you select. 

    EE Pay As You Go

    EE offers four different Pay As You Go Sim Packs to choose from. 

    You don’t enter a contract and you receive data rollover, superfast speeds and free data boosts.

    EE Coverage Checker

    EE has an official coverage checker where you can enter your postcode and the device you have to check the network coverage in your area. 

    The results will show if EE covers your location and the device you’ve chosen for different types of coverage (5G, 4G, 3G, 2G). 

    EE Coverage Details

    EE’s service covers 5G - 2G however 3G and 2G might start to become more scarce due to the introduction of 5G. 

    EE is continuing to roll out its 5G network and now covers 160 towns and cities in the UK and that number is planned to grow rapidly in the coming months and years.

    4G, 3G and 2G currently covers 99% of the UK population. 

    In October 2020 it was found the EE’s 4G download and upload speeds were 36.4/9.1Mbps bettering any other network. 

    EE Network features

    Alongside their main mobile contracts and products, EE offers bunch of other benefits including. 

    • Unlimited music (Apple music) 
    • Apple TV+
    • BT Sports Ultimate 
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 
    • Apple Arcade 
    • EE Lifetime Warranty 
    • Annual Device MOT 
    • £10 of protective kit 
    • Rapid repairs 
    • Superfast delivery  

    What else do EE offer?

    EE also offers all the other network features you’d expect from one of the largest UK mobile operators, including: 

    • Wi-Fi Calling
    • 4G Calling
    • Data Rollover
    • EU roaming
    • Tethering

    EE Customer Service

    EE offers 24/7 customer support through its website and My EE app and you can also get in touch by phone or using their live chat feature during office hours. 

    EE also has an online community forum where you can ask other EE users questions and get help advice and tips about using your phone. 

    While there are lots of ways to get in touch with EE, their customer service scores are still average. 

    EE Trustpilot scores

    On Trustpilot, EE has 2.3 out of 5 stars. 18% with a 5-star rating and 72% with a 1-star rating.

    In 5-star reviews, there is praise for the customer service and how understanding the representatives are, some even praising Twitter customer service.

    The common consensus in 1-star reviews is that customers felt lied to and felt the service wasn’t helpful. One review even stated a mistake on EE’s end happened 5 times.  

    EE scores

    On EE only manages to score a poor 1.74 out of 5, with just 18% of customers saying that they would recommend the network.  

    EE 5G Coverage Map