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    What these results mean

    These results show what the mobile signal for each network should be in the postcode you've searched for.

    We are confident that these results will be accurate, however sometimes signal conditions may vary slightly within a postcode.

    Mobile phone signal levels can be affected by a number of different things:

    Your location - the further away you are from a mobile phone mast the weaker your signal will be, as the signal gets weaker this affects the signal quality which will reduce your data download speeds.

    Your local environment - hills, buildings, being in a basement or underground will all affect your mobile signal.

    Travelling - if you are in a car or train and moving fast you may find your signal will be affected as you move from strong signal areas to weak or no signal areas.

    Your phone - some models of phones are just better at getting a signal than others, a phone with low battery can also affect the way your phone works depending on the model.

    The Weather - believe it or not even the weather can interfere with your mobile signal, heavy rain and snow can degrade the signal temporarily.

    Before choosing a mobile supplier always check their own coverage checkers:

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    O2 Coverage Checker

    Vodafone Coverage Checker

    EE Coverage Checker

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